Since I’ve started writing books, I can’t count the number of times I’ve been asked what genre I specialize in.  Well, here’s another preview that may answer that question.  In my upcoming book Scowl, the main character expounds upon his opinion of the current state of the arts:

“Pasta is made of unleavened dough, most commonly wheat flour mixed with water.  Other flours can be used, and eggs are often used instead of water.  The dough is formed into various shapes and cooked.  As you know, all these shapes have their own special names.  There’s linguini, spaghetti, penne, and a multitude of other varieties, but all of them are cooked dough.  You can call them by whatever names you want, but they’re still just pasta.  I think this aptly describes art in America.  This is the state of our music, painting, sculpture, and architecture.  We are living in a world of pasta.   There is no heart.  We’re just mixing the same ingredients into different sizes and shapes.  We label our efforts by a multitude of different names, but when you boil it all down, it’s all just another pan of pasta.  Is this now making sense to you?  I mean, we tap our toes to rock, country, and jazz.  We read horror, romance, and science fiction novels.  We mix colors and paint our canvasses realist, surrealist, and impressionist.  Everything we do has a name, its own genre or style.  We feel like we’re sitting at this terrific banquet of creativity, when we’re really just feasting on doughy pasta.”



One of my favorite passages from Team Charlie is where Charlie’s psychiatrist explains the omnipresence of delusions:

“Delusions are neither good nor bad as a rule; they have no moral direction.  They are simply a description of fact.  And the fact is each and every one of us lives according to his or her own delusions, and the goal here isn’t to rid ourselves of them, but rather to pick and choose, to find the delusion that best suits us.  Life is a great supermarket of delusions; you can take your cart down the aisle and take a little of this, a little of that, take whatever works for you.  If something doesn’t work out you can bring it back for a refund and get something else in exchange.  Anyone who tells you they don’t visit such a supermarket is either lying to you, or lying to themselves.  Pick any person and ask yourself how they see the real world, how they imagine themselves within this vast confusing fabric we call reality, and you will find each and every one of them living out their own delusions.”



For those of you who like previews, here’s a brief excerpt from my upcoming novel, King of Kings: 

“It has a lot to do with my appetite for meat.  Do you suppose a kind and loving God would really want all earth’s creatures tearing at each other’s skin, devouring each other’s flesh and entrails?  Shouldn’t the earth’s plant life alone be enough to provide sustenance?  Why give so many of us this brutal appetite for eating each other?  It is brutal, isn’t it?  It certainly isn’t kind or loving.  I see God as that mean little boy who puts two insects in a jar, shaking them up and hoping for a fight to the bitter end.”