Hula Ville Now Available

Hula Ville

Now available from Amazon or Barnes & is my latest collection of short stories, Hula Ville.  From the back cover:  “Welcome to Hula Ville!  In this collection of short stories, award-winning author Mark Evan takes you on a page-turning romp through everyday existence in Southern California.  You may find yourself crying, or perhaps even angry.  But most often, you’ll be laughing out loud.  With his sense of humor and imaginative plots, Evan brings the reader into the idiosyncrasies of his characters.  His subjects range from mischievous school boys to elderly women, from retired aerospace engineers to harried housewives.  No one is immune to Evan’s insightful takes on modern life.”

Team Charlie Now Available

Team Charlie

Now available at Amazon and Barnes & is my latest novel, Team Charlie.  From the back cover:  “Meet one-of-a-kind Charlie Davis, middle-aged and divorced.  Charlie no longer lives with his wife and children.  He’s been hearing voices in his head for years, and has been living under the protective care of his elderly father.  But suddenly his father dies, and Charlie is catapulted into a journey to fend for himself, an adventure that leads him from on fascinating predicament to the next.  You will laugh and cry with Charlie as he tries his best to survive in a topsy-turvy real world.  You will be introduced to all Charlie’s voices, including an eighteenth century pirate, a beatnik bohemian, and a lovely heart throb from his younger days.  The story entertains but also explores the remarkable power of human delusion.  And while the ending is predictable, it also comes as a complete surprise.”