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I was born in San Bernardino, California in 1955.  I was married in 1976, and I graduated from UC Berkeley in 1978.  I have worked a wide variety of jobs over the years, from door to door sales in San Jose, California, to roughnecking in the oil fields on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona, to mobile home deliveries and set ups in the state of New Mexico.  I have also owned and operated my own multi million dollar architecture and construction company in Southern California for three decades, but whatever I’ve been doing to pay the bills, I’ve always found time to pursue my passion for writing.  Over the years my short stories and essays have been published in many local and national periodicals.  My short story Hula Ville was awarded Best Fiction by the Western Publications Association at the 1990 Maggie Awards.  I currently live in Southern California with my family where I now write full-time.  I can be best reached by email at markevan1@cox.net

My most recent published books include Hula Ville, a collection of short stories written over the years, and Team Charlie, a novel about a middle-aged man who hears voices in his head.  So how do I best explain my writing style?  I am not a genre writer.  I do not specifically write mysteries, thrillers, or romantic novels. I write about a wide variety of topics and circumstances.  My goal is to be entertaining, creative, and thought-provoking.  If I have captured your attention with a particular tale and helped you to see the world through a different and more thoughtful lens, then I’d consider my efforts a success.  I hope you enjoy reading my stories as much as I enjoy writing them.  My books are currently available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.com.

Stay tuned for my upcoming releases.  My novels King of Kings and Scowl are in the process of being edited and should be available soon.  Please follow this blog for updates.


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