ForeWord Review of Team Charlie


Clarion’s ForeWord review of Team Charlie is now in.  Robin Edmunds writes that, “readers will not be disappointed when they follow Charlie’s journey in Mark Evan’s evocative and memorable book.”  Edmunds goes on to write that, “readers will become invested in Charlie’s story,” and that, “twists and turns keep readers guessing about Charlie’s fate until the very end.”  Further, Edmonds states that, “Evan’s writing is full of wit, humor, and pathos.  The chattering dialogue between and among the distinct personalities in Charlie’s head is sometimes humorous.  The details are evocative, and well-rounded characters abound.”  I grew to love Charlie as I wrote this book, and I enjoyed writing his story.  As Edmunds states, “Readers who enjoy stepping into another’s shoes and glimpsing the challenges that are faced will find Team Charlie a clever and sympathetic take on mental health.”  Edmunds gives Team Charlie four stars out of five.

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